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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know(ledge)

It has been an interesting two weeks. Last week, my (wretched) psychiatrist put me on Zeldox, a relatively new anti-psychotic. After only two doses I began experiencing side effects: uncontrollable shaking, itches like bugs crawling on me in various spots, weak legs, and a horrible feeling of phlegm in my throat which I could not expel. After a trip to Emergency on Thursday, stopping the drug, and being put on Ativan for a couple days to ease the symptoms, I am mostly better, though the phlegm thing persisted and is only fading now.

This week was my first back at school in 9 months, and high school, no less. I've been going to St. Louis Adult Learning Centre. I need 4 grade 11 and 12 courses as prerequisites to begin majoring in geology (I can no longer deal with the open-endedness of history papers). Being surrounded by so many people again has been quite stressful, and it certainly does not help that most of them are teenagers.

Yesterday, a madman (who seems to have been expelled from the school) came into our class, waving gigantic signs and rambling about soldiers dying for our rights, mental illness, and dancing...He was shooed out by the teacher and minutes later an announcement was made for everyone to get to their classes and lock the door. The police hauled him away and classes resumed shortly afterwards. He was there again today, outside the building. He didn't get in, and I believe the police dragged him away again.

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