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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Random Encounters

Here are some of the odd people I've come across in my travels.

*'Those Who Fight' begins to play*
  • Walking home down the Iron Horse Trail with my friend, Sam, a guy appeared out of the bushes. He looked like your standard-variety thug. We walked past and and he fell in behind us, following us a ways, obviously up to no good. Watching our backs, on one of our checks we found that he was....gone. Vanished, without a sound. All people make some amount of noise as they move, and we checked behind us often enough that we would have seen where he had gotten to...
  • On the way to the Multicultural Festival one year, I was accosted by a transgendered person. They enquired as to the size of my genitals and whether I would give them a look. I declined.
  • During one of our weekly D&D sessions at Gemini Jetpack, a guy came into the store and proceeded directly to the back wall near our table. He pressed himself up to the door of the back room and began to lick it, lovingly caressing it with his tongue. After a minute or so he left, without a word.
  • While out walking once, I saw a man on the sidewalk across the street. We did not interact, and I had only to glimpse him for everything in me to tell me that he was not to be trusted.
  • After dinner at Checkerboard family restaurant, I went to the washroom. Opened the door to find it was already occupied by an old man (it's a single-person room). He said I could come in. I declined.
  • While riding the bus once, I saw a girl a few seats over: jaw length red hair, petite. She made my heart beat really hard, and it felt like the kind of anxiety you feel you'll die from. I'm not sure what it was that caused this. She was pretty, though not unearthly so...
  • MADD called. This is roughly how the conversation went:
  • MADD: Is Mr. or Mrs. Koenderink home?
  • Me: Speaking.
  • MADD: We thank you for your previous donation. *spiel about needing more money* What can you contribute?
  • Me: I don't know. My mother handles this sort of thing.
  • MADD: *silence*
  • MADD: May I talk with her?
  • Me: She's out at the moment.
  • MADD: When would be a good time for me to call back?
  • Me: I honestly have no idea.
  • MADD: *angrily* Well, you said you were Mr. Koenderink! *hangs up*

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