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Friday, September 18, 2015

New York: Part 2 (Because I Forgot to Mention Some Things)

New York City is very clean (the areas I saw, at least). You can tell that they take pride their city. Every day I saw people sweeping up the leaves on the sidewalks, and hosing down sidewalks and buildings. There were very few cigarette butts littering the ground. Very unlike the places in Southern Ontario. It was refreshing. Toronto is a dump compared to what I saw in NYC.

The architecture was wonderful! Every building had style, had interestingly-carved edifices. Even the row houses had arches, and columns, and relief carvings of plants, dragons! Wrought iron gates! Tiny, but well-done gardens! I could really love New York, even live there, if it didn't have all the people.

Pizza in New York is disgustingly greasy. I ordered a plain pepperoni pizza to my hotel room one night, just to try it. The grease literally drips off of it. Still tasty, though!

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