Go Go Jason Waterfalls!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


The last couple weeks, I've been experiencing strange things. Between the big toe and the toe next to it on my left foot it has often felt like there is a hair caught; it itches/tickles, drives me mad. I've become a bit paranoid, too. Any noises around the house have been getting my imagination going, worrying about intruders. I seem to be a little emotional as well. Whenever I'm watching something on TV that is supposed to be sad, I choke up, instantly, out of nowhere. I don't actually cry, I just get that feeling in my throat and the urge to weep. The things setting me off wouldn't really affect me, normally. I watched part of 8 Simple Rules the other night; it was the one where John Ritter's character died. I had to change the channel I got so many choke-ups...Bizarre.

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