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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I love going exploring. Being lost, having no idea where I am is always refreshing. You discover so much more when you have no destination. After finishing some shopping today, I decided to take the bus heading in the same direction which brought me to the stores, instead of going back the way I came. It took me out to Conestoga College, and I didn't get back to the terminal for an hour and 45 minutes, but it was fun. I saw at least five churches I didn't know about, and got to see most of Conestoga's campus (I've only been to the gym for various events). I got to listen to the amusing conversations of moronic teenagers, and saw swamps with those awesome dead trees one sees a lot up north.

A friend of mine and I have recently learned of our mutual love of exploring. Last week we went for a drive and ended up in New Hamburg. We ate at the gorgeous Puddicombe House (a lovely platter of 3 meats, mustards, black olive tapenade, and 8 cheeses). Riverside Cemetery had beautiful tombstones made of the Brazilian granite, Verde Ubatuba. There was also a monument to the pioneers of the town, unlike anything I've ever seen.

*This post has had nothing to do with the fine television program, LOST*

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