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Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday I went to the hospital (Saint Mary's Emerge has such better wait times) because I noticed a huge increase in the number of bubbles, squiggles, and specks of light in my vision. My doctor told me to get this checked out if it were to happen. I was only 5 minutes away from the hospital at the time, so I headed over, and was transferred from Triage (where I learned from a conversation I overheard that the smallest shark is the Dwarf Shark) to Minor Treatment in 15 minutes. The man I followed in was holding a dish towel on his head, his hair matted with blood. I found out later that he had fallen an hit his head; he got 15 stitches. I was seen within 3 hours. The doctor didn't see anything immediately wrong, but he referred me to an ophthalmologist. I was told it would take over a week to hear from their office. They called me today -my appointment is tomorrow morning! I'm not sure whether my getting in SO soon is a good or bad thing...

P.S. I've been meaning to mention my alarm clock. My mother got me a neat rolling alarm clock for Christmas. The screen and buttons give it the appearance of a ridiculously happy face. It seems to take delight in waking me, as it rolls around on its wheels and spins on its axle.

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