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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jumble Gym [Update]

I was at Casablanca Books trying to sell Latin textbooks from the 60's the other day. A trio of nerds was there, looking at graphic novels. These weren't the stereotypical uber-nerds one usually thinks upon hearing the word 'nerd', nor the more subtle enthusiast of nerdy things, like myself (think flamboyantly gay compared to simply gay). No, these were the pretentious nerds. They speak in their own manner, a sort of drawl, similar to pretending to be bored. They say things like, "that's alarmism at it's best," and chortle (but not audibly, their faces, hardly chortling at all) at their brilliance. Great fun.

There was a Canadian antiques road show in town last week. I brought in my WWII RCAF snowshoes, worth $250 (but they're a part of history so I'm keeping them), as well as a mystery box I got at an antiques store.

I had no idea what this box was used for. I can only find one mention of the company online, and it's for a door mail box patent. What was held in place by the swivel? What was the slot and the hole for?

The appraisers did not know, either.

UPDATE: I showed this to a friend of mine who is a jeweller. He immediately told me what it was for: it would have held a beam scale. When in use, the beam would have been stuck into that little hole, using the box as a base. Each of the 2 compartments would have held one of the pans. The beam, weights, and other bits would have been arranged neatly alongside the pans. He suggested the box is from the 1940's.

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