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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I've always had trouble fantasising. Whenever I try to come up with a story, I can only think up snippets. I'll think up one scene and not be able to progress it to the next. I can come up with a number of disconnected scenes, but there's no flow. I also get stuck on the scenes I do have, going over them again and again. It's like when you have a song stuck in your head, it's just that one line or two, repeated.

I used to be better at it, back when I was doing a lot worse than I am now. Back when I took shelter in my head, I could lie there for hours, thinking, 'til my limbs went cold.

Another thing that gets in the way is the direction I am facing while I think. I'll do my best to describe this...
If I happen to change position while I'm visualizing, the image(s) remain in the same orientation. For example, If I were to be looking straight ahead, then crooked my head to the side, the image from before would appear sideways in my mind; it did not change its position. Just like when you look at a picture, computer screen, etc., if you turn sideways, that image will now appear sideways. You are the one who has moved, not the object.

It's like my mental images are physically removed from me...

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