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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Good Festival, Finally

The Multicultural Festival at Victoria Park was this weekend. As a kid, it was always great. The food was yummy (Vietnamese kabobs, mmmm) and there were usually a couple stalls selling gemstones. Over the years, the goods for sale became less and less interesting, and the gems disappeared, excepting some jewelry. Plus, it seems to rain every year now, too.

While it did rain again this time, I managed to get in and out before the deluge. Shockingly, one of the vendors actually had gems, and quality ones at that! He was a really nice guy whose friend owns a mine in Namibia. Sometimes he takes a group with him when he goes down there. I may take a trip to Africa in the future! I got the nicest piece of schorl (black tourmaline) and the largest dioptase (my favourite) crystal I've ever seen. He even took a cheque!

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  1. I always miss this thing. They need to do better advertising!