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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Widow Queen

Near St. Jacobs Farmers Market is a Best Western hotel. The edges of the roof are lined with an unnecessary number of widow's watches. An elevated watch occupies a central position. At one point, all of these platforms must have been the lookouts of women waiting for their menfolk to return home, which was never to be, as they all perished on the return voyage from the far side of Laurel Lake. These widows needed a leader. The central tower was built, and a queen installed. From her perch, her majesty oversaw all the mourning and weeping.

The women remained there till their death, even though travel by schooner on Laurel Lake was halted with the invention of the bicycle. They say when you pass by the hotel at night, you can still hear faint wailing.


  1. I think archaic architectural designs are used more for the facade then for the purpose, but then what do I know about architecture? Only to watch out for the 4th wall.

  2. Fourth walls tend to break a lot. Humanity, it seems, still has not figured out how to make them as durable as the other three.