Go Go Jason Waterfalls!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I went fossil hunting at a conservation park in Arkona, ON on the weekend. I went with my friend Leslie and her hiking group. I'm not really a big fossil enthusiast, but I have discovered that I love brachiopods; they're very nice to hold (I find holding small pieces of rock, glass, plastic, such as gems or Crazy Bones to be soothing) and they are somewhat translucent. The fossils were found along a river; you just had to look down and you would see them in the mud -hundreds of them.

We searched along the river for a bit and then went to a lovely waterfall to search for trilobites. I wasn't keen on wading into the water, so I sat on the rocks near the cascade, basking in the misty breeze. I could have sat there all day. I love the wind; few things can re-energize me like it can -I'm wind-powered!

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