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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not So Magic Dance

I walked a labyrinth yesterday evening. It's basically a circular maze on the ground, in which every time you get near the centre, it takes you off in another direction. It is supposed to be a form of meditation; one might focus on their breathing, repeat a mantra, or discover a solution to a problem. All I could think about was how poorly the labyrinth was made. The path you follow was formed of faded pinkish bricks, bordered by faded grey bricks. A more striking contrast would help.

By the time I reached the centre, I was too dizzy to make my way back out (the last few months I've been getting dizzy a lot -geometric patterns do not help this), and unceremoniously stumbled across the path and lay down in the grass.

Dizziness aside, I find it frustrating that I cannot seem to get into all the Zen stuff...

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